Room service 

Service only available during restaurant hours : 

12H00- 14H00 and 19H00 – 22H00

15% supplement if room service



1-Cheese board of the moment -14.90€

2-Charcuterie board of the moment -14.90€



3- Sweat potato velvety and fresh cheese quenelle with herbs -8.90€

4- Salmon dome in different textures (Tartare, smoked, rillettes) – 11.50€                                                                                                 

5- Dauphiné ravioli with Chaource cream-8.90€



Must- haves

6-Homemade beef tartare, served with fries and mixed greens-18.90€

7- CAESAR salad (roasted chicken, soft-boiled egg, Grana Padano, candied tomatoes, smoked breast, Caesar sauce) -18.90€

8-Burger du Champ Paveau (Viennese bread, homemade sauce, 180g beef steak, Tomme de Savoie, smoked bacon) served with fries and mixed greens -18.50€



9- Genuine « AAAAA » Andouillette and mustard sauce, fries, salad – 19.50€
10-  Salmon steak, wok of vegetables – 19.90€

11- « Gaston Gerard » poultry supreme, baby potatoes – 18.90€              

12-Pork tenderloin, pasta with chorizo -18.90€

13-  Crumble Roquefort chicory & wild rice -18.90€
14- VBF sirloin from Champagne Ardenne (250g), Chaource sauce and fries -20.90€


Sweets -8.50€

15- Slate of 3 cheeses (Chaource, St Nectaire, Tomme blanche)

16- Chocolate cake and english vanilla cream 

17- Caramel chocolate panna cotta and chestnut cream whipped cream

18-  Vanilla « crème brûlée »

19- Gourmet coffee (3 homemade sweets and scoop of ice cream)

KID’S MENU-12€ – Up to 12 years old

Dish :

Breaded chicken strips OR fish and chips

Accompaniement :

Fries OR vegetables

Dessert :

Gourd apple/strawberry compote OR vanilla chocolate ice cream sundae

Beverage :

 Caprisun or Evian